Reading Response (Late)

Clive Thompson makes a significant point in stating that our lives as humans and social people are strictly and majorly revolving on social media. It’s taking over every aspect of our lives. We’ve become more aware or attentive of the life we portray online rather than our own. Our lives are so fully immersed in online contact and knowing every minute detail about a person without actually truly knowing the real person. We do this while isolating ourselves through every tweet or Facebook post. I fully agree with this because I am, like most teens, attached to my phone and constantly checking all social networks. Speaking from experience I have prevented myself on multiple occasions from going out and having basic human interactions because I was “too busy” keeping up with the virtual world. We have created a sense of ambient awareness in our social lives online, which Thompson discusses, and have formed an omnipresent knowledge concerning the lives of other people who we do not know.


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