10// Data, Media, Communication



Jonathan Harris, We Feel Fine



Jonathan Harris, The Whale Hunt



Martin Wattenberg, Wind Map



Martin Wattenberg, Fleshmap


Page Layout with HTML

In HTML, the <div> tag can be used to help organize your page into different sections by grouping elements together. When we get to CSS, this will help us to style these different sections of our page.

As a reminder, some HTML elements are the paragraph <p>, headings <h1> to <h6>, body <body>, etc.

When grouped together in divs, these elements can form sections of the webpage, like the main body or the navigation bar.

Check out some common layout strategies.

HTML5 also has some new elements, like <article>, <section>, and <aside>


Media Integration

Integrating video in HTML 5

Integrating audio in HTML 5

And if you’d like to take it further and experiment with drawing graphics on the fly using scripting, check out how to use canvas in HTML5. (optional!)


Social Media Integration

For those of you interested in integrating social media like facebook and twitter into your website, check out these resources for generating usable code:

Facebook Buttons | Facebook Posts

Twitter Buttons | Twitter Timelines | Tweets


Electronic Sketchbook 8 //HTML

Create an index.html page, and set up working links to all other pages. The pages don’t necessarily need to have any content, but they basic structure should be created. Bring to class the images and content you’ll need for your website and begin uploading them to your site.


Reading Response // Community, Communication

Read the following article. As you’re reading, notice if there were any points that surprised or confused you. Post your reaction to the article on the class website. Your response should be 3-5 sentences and can include questions, comments, reactions or references. Feel free to include links to other artworks, images, videos or articles. What is Clive Thompson arguing about social and digital media? Do you agree or disagree and why? Has he brought up any information or a perspective that is new or interesting?

Clive Thompson, Brave New World of Digital Intimacy

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