2 //Compositing

In Class Exercise: Digital ReComposite (Who Wore It Better?)

Materials & Prep:

Download and save original Cezanne image, along with images of each element (click for full size):

cezanne.jpg | apple.jpg | oranges.jpg | table.jpg | tulips.jpg

In-Class Activity: Digital Recreate Cezanne’s The Vase of Tulips

  1. Collect and open all image files in Photoshop. You should have five tabs open: Cezanne.jpg, table.jp, tulips.jpg, apple.jpg, oranges.jpg. You will use the Cezanne original as a base for your digital composition.
  2. Open the apple tab. Use the Magic Wand tool to select all of the white pixels, then choose Select->Invert to select only the apple.
  3. Choose Edit->Copy, then in the Cezanne image Choose Edit->Paste.
  4. Now that you have altered the composition, save the file with a new name by using File->Save As.
  5. Use the Move tool to place the apple over Cezanne’s apple, and the Transform Scale tool to resize the apple as needed. Hold shift to constrain the proportions.
  6. Repeat the process of selection, copying, pasting, moving, and resizing for the table.
  7. This time, repeat the process with the oranges, but use the magnetic lasso tool to grab only two of the oranges.
  8. To select the vase of tulips, use the quick selection tool. Remove any excess pieces from inside the flowers using the subtractive element of quick selection. Copy, paste, move and transform the vase in the new composition.
  9. Create a new layer above the background, and use the eyedropper tool to grab some colors from the background wall. Using the marquee tool, select the background wall. Play around with gradient to vary the background color.
  10. Rearrange the layers of your composition so that the background is behind everything, and the table is behind the fruit and vase.
  11. When the composition is complete, choose Layer->Flatten.
  12. Select File->Save for Web to save a jpg to be displayed on a screen.


Jeff Wall, “A Sudden Gust of Wind (After Hokusai)

Jeff Wall, “Picture for Women”

JeffWallPictureForWomen Edouard_Manet,_A_Bar_at_the_Folies-BergèreA Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) 1993 by Jeff Wall born 1946Hokusai -ejiri-in-the-suruga-province


Reinvent the content/composition/theme of another artist’s work. Use ARTstor or CAMIO or another good database to find a suitably high-resolution image. Use an image at least 1024 pixels on the longer side. Create a contemporary re-interpretation of another artist’s work. Upload this image to the class website with a short description indicating the creative intentions of your piece.

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