4 //Subtractive Processes

Cory Arcangel, Super Mario Clouds v2k3, 2003 (Whitney)

Paul Pfeiffer, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 2001


Paul Pfeiffer, Art 21


TUTORIALS //Photoshop Erasure Tools

Clone Stamp Tool

Content Aware Fill / Scale /  Heal

Blur Tools

Eyedropper Tool

Be sure to check out Lynda.com for detailed video tutorials for additional photoshop processes not covered in class.


Subtractive Processes: Assignments
// Electronic Sketchbook Assignment 4
Alter a photo via subtraction/erasure. Using a digital camera or a web search for LARGE images, find an image from your archive to alter that is at least 1000 pixels wide.  Consider using ARTstor or another image database to look for a high-resolution image. Take at least one item (or more) OUT of the photograph—be creative.  Be prepared to show the unaltered and altered photo. You will be printing this out for a future critique. Keep in mind sizing issues with print that we covered in class. Once completed, save a copy in web resolution, and save the print version for printing in the coming week. UPLOAD both before and after images to the class website, and be prepared to discuss your work.

// Reading Response
While you are working on your “Subtractive Processes” assignments, read through “The Revelation of Erasure” by Brian Dillon on the Tate website. Before class on Friday, post your response to the article here. Your response can include reactions, thoughts, questions, etc. Consider, what does it mean to erase something? What are the effects of erasure? Does it relate in any way to your own work? Be prepared to discuss the article in class.



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