The schedule is subject to change depending on incoming skills and experience. Detailed updates will be available via the Canvas. The first half of the course will be dedicated to digital imaging, the second half will focus on the web. Assignment due dates will be posted to Canvas. All reading assignments will either be posted on Canvas or available online.

Digital Imaging

Week 1 //Introductions

Week 2 //Compositing

  • Flaxman Library Class Visit
  • Photoshop tour and demos
  • Compositing using multiple layers
  • Screen: Jeff Wall at the Tate Modern

Week 3 //Collaborative Compositing

  • Expanding Photoshop demos
  • Discuss resolution (print v web)
  • Creative Commons & Copyright
  • Screen: Aaron Koblin 

Week 4 //Subtractive Processes

  • Demos on subtractive process
  • Practice with Subtraction materials
  • Reading (see canvas)
  • Screen: Paul Pfeifer Art 21, Cory Arcangel 

Week 5 //Batches + Multiplicity

  • (How to spend less time on the computer)
  • Actions palette in photoshop
  • Animated gifs
  • Screen: Jon Cates, Christian Marclay, John Salavon

Week 6 //Printing

  • Field trip to on-campus printing resources
  • Work day, individual critiques with Instructor and TA

Week 7 //MidTerm Critiques

  • Due: Midterm
  • Critiques All Day 

The Web

Week 8 //Intro to HTML

  • Intro to HTML: anatomy, text formatting, links
  • Creation of a webpage from start to finish
  • File organization, <img>
  • JODI, Olia Lialina

Week 9 //File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  • Discuss homework / Class feedback on Web as Site proposals
  • FTP Overview
  • Reading (see Canvas)
  • Screen: Ken Fandell

 Week 10 //Data, Media, Communication

  • Media integration
  • Screen: Jonathan Harris, Martin Wattengurb
  • Read: Clive Thompson, “Brave New World of Digital Intimacy,” The New York Times. Online. September 5, 2008 

Week 11 //CSS & HTML 

  • CSS with external stylesheets
  • Screen: Camilla Utterback, Joshua Davis, Scott Snibe

Week 12 //Interactivity

  • Speed critiques of websites in current states
  • Interactivity on the Web and Beyond
  • Screen: Shawn Decker, Casey Reas, Judd Morrissey

Week 13 //Community, Communication

  1. WWW History
  2. Social Media
  3. Screen: Christopher Baker, Conrad Bakker, Aaron Koblin

Week 14 //Glitch 

  • Glitch Demos
  • Work day, troubleshoot sites
  • Screen: Nick Briz, JODI, Jon Cates, Sophie Kahn

Week 15 //Final Critiques

  • Final critiques of work

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